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[No more gold purchase] Transfer PhonePe wallet balance into Bank account [FREE OF COST] and extra 100 cashback per Phonepe account | PAY U NOW

Transfer PhonePe wallet balance into bank with free of cost and get extra ₹100 cashback on doing 2 transaction to each PhonePe user on PAYUNOW within offer period. Hurry Up!

₹You can avail this offer maximum 2 times of each Phonepe user (MAX cashback 50 on paying 500 through PhonePe wallet)

You need to do following few simple steps to avail this offer:-

  • PAN card
  • Bank account to receive the amount
  • Email Id

*Follow this steps very carefully:
  1. First of all download PAY U NOW form here.
  2. Then install it your android device.
  3. Open the app and fill basic information Ex. Email id, Pan card etc
  4. On next page fill your pan card and name (enter the name which had mentioned your name)
  5. Provide bank details & they instantly send a small amount of your bank for verification.
  6. Enter the small amount on payunow
  7. Congratulations! You have successfully completed all steps.
  8. Now click on request payment of the of page of the app [ Note: To avail the maximum cashback you need to create a 500 payment request]
  9. Click on copy link
  10. Paste your chrome browser and they will asked your email & phone no , fill this detail with any whatever you want.
  11. On the next page you will see the wallet option corner of the webpage . Then select phonepe wallet & pay via Phonepe.
  12. You are done! Cashback added your wallet instantly & your payment on payunow will be send to your bank within 2 days.