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Mini Militia all mod in one app.....Hurry Up!!!!

😊 Features:
1, Work on Original Playstore Apk

2: You can choose mod even playing(Its depends on device’s support).

3: One Apk For All Mods.

4: Original Game And Modded Game will separate you can create shoutcut for modded game.

5: Even Work Without Root.

6: Direct Patching.

7: Patch will apply on original(playstoreapk so No QP-Mod Server.

8: Ton of Mods Available.

9: Use Floating icon to open-close Live patcher.

10: Only Around 6 mb size.Install Steps:

1. Install Game from Playstore

2. Open SuperPatcher.

3. Give it permissions that asked4. Let it load and update

.5. Press First Button, it will start patched game and livepatcher

6. Select mods and it will apply without doing anything.

7. Minimise it with close button

8. If you want to stop menu click on exit icon.

9. press Close Patcher to stop patcher.

please watch my video. All link in description on video.😊

Click here to watch video.